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Hello Newgrounds, and happy new year!

As some of you might know, I am working on a show right now, which will be released on Newgrounds exclusively! A trailer will be released soon, and the show will finally be revealed to you all!

A question arises though... when will the show actually come out?

Well, here is the thing... I only have two sections of the show done. Out of about twenty. The show is kind of a unorganized collection of sketches, and I only have two done unfortunately. Luckily though, this will change.

I am going to be working nonstop on the show from now to this summer, and hopefully I will be done with it by then. But who knows... I will probably only get a few done, only time will tell.

The thing is that my animation schedule usually consists of one animation a month, which isn't a whole lot. For a cartoon by cartoon basis, that IS quite a lot, but not for a whole damn show. My cartoons usually last around 1 or 2 minutes, while each episode of the show will be about 10ish minutes. So I'm gonna have to cram HARD if I'm gonna get anything done quickly. My plan is to get 3 animations every month, so that by the time it's summer, I will have 17 done in total, which will probably be enough for the show. The thing is that I will also have to probably make a cartoon for Lock Day as well, and maybe cartoons for something else if it comes up... who knows, only time will tell.

Another issue is that it's not just me working on the show, it's me and my buddies BizzareEmerald and Nameless Octarian. And while we work pretty well together, we do live quite a while away from each other. Like, a city over. So that means that if we are going to collab with each other, I gotta find a time on the weekends to come over and visit them, given that they are also available. And that's not even considering if we get any work done at all, and not get distracted and just play Halo the whole time.

While the skit writing process was completely online, we actually need to be in person for the recording sessions. And considering how often we get distracted, it's going rather slow to say the least.

Luckily, I can work on some of the skits while I am away from them, specifically ones that don't require voice acting and/or a single voice. There are a couple skits that I can work on by myself (about 5 or more), and about 15 that require Nameless and Bizarre. Hopefully we can find some time next weekend to do a batch recording session and record a bunch of skits at once.

Well anyways, that's about what I have planned! I can't wait to show you all what we have planned, and let me tell you, it's gonna rock. Take care, yall!

-Jonah G.


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